• 2017
  • Tipo: CD musicale a 432 Hz
  • 51 minuti
  • Price:
    Cd classic format € 16,00 (including shipping costs)

    File zip - mp3 and booklet € 8,00

This CD comes complete with a 4-page booklet explaining the importance of 432 Hz music and the creation of some of the tracks. It can be purchased in two ways: with delivery direct to the purchaser by traditional post, or electronically through the link where mp3 files can be downloaded in a single zip format, including photos of the sleeve and the booklet here.

The choice of these tracks was influenced by the intuition and desire of the artist to share music he had always reserved exclusively to his own personal use. After many years of rehearsals and compositions and transformations, the natural compilation of very different tracks came about spontaneously, creating a pathway that can be followed through the titles, the sounds and on an inner journey