Il primo reale passo verso la felicità


  • Febbraio 2013
  • Edizione: Anima Edizioni
  • Formato: 150x210
  • Confezione: Brossura
  • Pagine: 168
  • Prezzo: € 14,00
  • ISBN: 9788863650983

This book is a collection of direct experiences, shared by a large group of joyous people in about a year of meetings, communion and experimentation. It does not aim at being a medicine, a dogma, a role. It simply offers cues from direct experimentation, the only thing that affords us real inner growth: going personally inside knowledge, without prejudice. In recent years, the concept of awakening has become widespread. How can we define it? "Awakening" is the conscious experience that man has of himself as a divine entity. A manual to be consulted, over and over again, the fruit of observation. Of a journey. Of a personal evolution. The words you will read most often are "Experimentation" and "Evolution": we experiment all the time, every day, aware and unaware, and it is exactly this process that determines our growth.