Romanzo Alchemico


  • Dicembre 2013
  • Edizione: Spazio Interiore
  • Collana: Nonordinari
  • Formato: 140x215
  • Confezione: Brossura
  • Pagine: 200
  • Prezzo: € 15,00
  • ISBN: 978-88-97864-34-9

Carlo Liberti is a thirty year-old freelance graphics artist and lover of women. With an inborn refusal of authority, he scorns institutions. And yet his existence is the same as anyone else’s. Then one day he meets seventy-nine year-old Mario, a sort of Jiminy Cricket, who starts talking to him about symbols, Gospels, enemies of the mind, recurring numbers and images. So Carlo starts to discover that the reality that surrounds him is different from how he had always imagined it, that it is interweaved with opportunities and guiding signs. He learns to recognise the conditionings and the strategies that have prevented him from becoming himself, and he starts to break them one by one. His re-evolutionary path is constantly accompanied by the works of Pink Floyd, the esoteric content of which becomes increasingly clear in the course of the novel.