Romanzo Animico


  • Giugno 2017
  • Edizione: Spazio Interiore
  • Collana: Nonordinari
  • Formato: 140x215
  • Confezione: Brossura
  • Pagine: 1764
  • Prezzo: € 15,00
  • ISBN: 978-88-94906-02-8

What would we see if we observed our world through the eyes of the animals around us? This is the approach of A. Pietrangeli in a novel that projects the reader into a delicate, surprising fable. The main character is a dog, Constantine, whose body hides the soul of the King of the World, the ancient emperor that has always dictated earthly laws. This time, the Sovereign is ready to do whatever it takes to free himself from his primordial chains and so to free his entire world. What better than a life lived as an animal to regain a collective conscience and heal ancient, untreated wounds? In his easy, engaging style, capable of creating fairy-tale atmospheres through which he conveys profound content, the author completes his narrative trilogy dedicated to the inner journey of exploration. In this symbolic, intuitive and immediate tale, he pays homage to animals, making them the heralds of a simple, natural message, the message of life: be yourself for better or worse.